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  Rambler's Top100

Imagine you are one of the little old ladies. Write a letter to your favourite grandchild describing the robbery act againt you and how you felt about it.


Dear Claire,


Yesterday a terrible incident happened to me. I was returning home after buying some medicines in the chemist's shop and, while crossing the road, somebody snatched my bag out of my hands. It was very unexpected, but I wasn't taken aback and stroked the mugger with my umbrella I always take with me. It was unexpected too, but for HIM; he knocked off his bicycle and I started screaming at the top of my voice. He tried to get back onto his bicycle and escape, but I continued hitting, giving him no chance to do that. Fortunately the police was not too far, and they arrived rather quickly and arrested him. The police officer was very kind with me and escorted me home without other accidents.


That's all for this letter.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Your Granny


Have families changed in your country or are they the same as they were a century ago?


Russian families have changed greatly in this century. In the early 1900s a typical family included a mother, a mother, five or more children with their families, and even most of in-laws. Now the majority of Russian families are small. May be that's why the population of this country has stopped growing. A typical post-Soviet family has parents (a mother and a father) and two children. Grandparents come to visit, but do not usually live with their children. Most people get married between the ages of 20 and 23 but many marriages end in divorce, so there are a large number of "single parent family", one mother or father looking after their children alone.


Write about a period in your life when you were "having an amazing time". (D4-6)


This month is the period in my life when I'm having an amazingly bad time. I really don't know what is happening to me these days. I have no idea about what have been and are the reasons of this 'decease' and I don't want to look for them. The best description of my state is Indifference, complete and total Apathy toward everything taking place around me. This is really awful to attend lectures and seminars without any motivation, without even a wish to get education and become a lawyer in the near future. That's even worse to see a really interesting movie on television, a movie everybody likes and recommends, and to be bored to death because of some unknown reasons. Apart I'm very reserved person, so I'd never share my real feelings with anybody and I'd never express my real state outwardly. For everybody I'm really cheerful and joyful. As usual. And that's bad, amazingly bad!


 Describe the view from your bedroom window. (D5-7)


The view from my bedroom window isn't the pleasant one. The larger part of the scene is taken by the half-constructed building of the Mechanical Plant Hospital. Every day from 9am till 9pm workers do something very noisy there. To the right of my window there is a constant debris dump. I've addressed to our house management department asking them to remove that debris, but there was no any reaction from their side. Except this building and related elements & structures there's a small yard with a few trees, benches and a swing. But just near this relatively cosy place a car parking is being constructed, so soon we'll have some special attributes of any car parking like polluted air and constantly signalling alarms.


Imagine some friend will be staying in your house. Write them a note, explaining anything that is important.


Dear Olya,


I hope you will enjoy staying in my house. I don't think you'd encounter any difficulties but just in case I want to draw your attention to the following:

Our neighbours Mr. and Mrs. Ivanovy have an extra set of keys

If you need to go out for a long time you'd better turn on our special signalling system to protect the house from burglary

I recommend you to have a bath as early as possible, because the later time the colder water is, and in the midnight usually there's only cold water.

Our communication services is absolutely free, so you can speak on the telephone as long as you want.

If you want to work with computer, the login & password are at the bottom of keyboard. You should enter them to run any program or to work in Internet

Mail is usually delivered at 10 o'clock, so don't forget to go downstairs to the 2nd floor and to take newspapers and letters away.


That's all. I'll phone on Wednesday to see if everything is all right.

All the best,



Write about how you feel about getting older


Well, everything is changing. Things are getting older, so do people, and I'm not an exception, of course. Each day I become one day older, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year, and who knows how many years in life┘ That's the Rule we cannot override and the Law we can't break. Like it or not, but each man has to obey it. So do I, and therefore I don't think about getting older at all. I just live my usual life without being troubled about it. That doesn't mean that I believe in "predestiny" theories, saying that whatever's going to happen will happen anyway. Instead I believe in DESTINY - that's the one I am in charge of. Luck is like a blind chance, destiny┘ that you build. May be that sounds quite strange, but that has been and is my life position for many years and I don't plan to change it.