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  Rambler's Top100

Discussing Art


- What do you know about Russian art?

- I am fond of Russian avant-garde. The canvases ofTatlin, Malevlch. Kandlnsky do credit to our nation and traditions.

- I wonder whether Russian avant-garde art has ever been displayed abroad.

- Yes. today Russian avant-garde art is being displayed both in Russia and abroad. Previously only the canvases of the artists of the 1920s were popular.

- It must be interesting.

- You have said it. The Exhibition usually attracts crowds of people.

- Yes. Even among very young people there are very talented and progressive artists. Their pictures enjoy great popularity. They give much food for thought.

- I would like to add that their canvases are colourful and expressive. Sometimes I can't tear my eyes from the canvas.


At the Theatre


- Good evening. John!

- Good evening. Peter! This is a small world! How are you?

- Fine, thanks. How are you?

- Life is going its usual way. Thanks.

- Pleased to hear it. Incidentally, where do you have a seat?

- In the stalls, row C. And where is your seat?

- In the box, close to the stage.

- So you don't have to use opera glasses.

- That's right. What do you think of the play?

- The action develops slowly. Some scenes are dull. The cast is not very good. Do you share my opinion?

- Frankly speaking I do. That happens to be a rather poor performance. Have you been to this theatre before?

- Haven't had a chance, you know. I am here for the first time. I like the hall. It is beautifully decorated. The chairs are comfortable and the chandelier is wonderful. To put it in a nutshell everything here is magnificent but the performance.

- I advise you to see "Othello" by Shakespeare at this theatre. You will be impressed.

- I have been dreaming of seeing any play by Shakespeare in this country. I'll do my best to see "Othello".

- I want to inform you that the best actors are engaged in the performance. The leading man is the famous actor. His name is well-known both in this country and abroad.

- I hope I'll enjoy the performance. The lights are going down.

- We must hurry to the hall. In a minute the curtain will be up.

- Be seeing you later.


At the Cinema 


- Shall we see a film this evening?

- That would be delightful. I haven't seen any films for many weeks.

- There are several movies in my neighbourhood which show the latest pictures.

- Let's consult the newspaper to see what movies are being shown in town.

- A splendid idea.

- At the nearest cinema house they show a film which is considered the best film of the year.

- My wife and I have already seen it. We enjoyed it immensely.

- Here is a good programme. They show two main pictures: a French film and an American. I don't think you have seen them.

- I have seen neither of them. Shall we be able to obtain seats? That movie house is always full.

- Seats are not reserved at that movie house, but I am sure we shall be able to get in. Most likely we'll have to wait for stall seats. Shall we buy balcony seats, if stall seats are not available?

- Please don't. I have seen a film from the balcony. It is too far from the screen. You know my eyesight is rather poor. I wear glasses.

- The movie starts in ten minutes. There are many comfortable seats in the foyer. We can wait there and enjoy a cigarette in the meantime. After the picture ends there will be many vacant seats.



- Well, what do you think of the films?

- I enjoyed both of them. In the French film the actors spoke English with a slight French accent. The acting was faultless. The plot of the English film was extremely interesting.

- You have said it - I was carried away by the plot, so I didn't see any faults.

- I liked the newsreel. Actually I had a lovely evening.

- Thank you for a pleasant evening. I am planning to go to the opera house with you in the near future.

- I am all for it.



1 .Are you a theatre/cinema -goer?

2.Are your parents theatre/cinema -goers?

3.How often do you go to the cinema/theatre?

4.Do you prefer watching TV or going to the cinema?

5.What films do you like?

6.Do you often watch horror films?

7.What do you think about horror films?

8.Do you often watch video-films?

9.Who is your favourite film actor, actress?

10.What was the most interesting film you have seen?

11.How many theatres are there in your town?

12.What theatre is the best in your town?

13.Are the best actors engaged in the performance?

14.Do you reserve seats in advance?

15.Do you have to use opera glasses?

16.Are the chairs comfortable?

17.Do theatres/cinemas offer a good programme?

18.Do you usually enjoy the performances?

19.Do you go to the cinema/theatre alone or with your classmates?

20.Have your ever been to any Moscow theatre?


A Boat Trip


- The boat sails in fifteen minutes.

- Let's hurry and find good seats. The boat is filling up very rapidly.

- What is the seating capacity of the boat?

- It accommodates 100 passengers.

- Do you think there will be so many people on the boat today?

- Yes, these boats are often filled to capacity on a nice day such as this.

- The weather turned out so beautiful. Where shall we sit?

- I suggest we go on the upper deck. We will have more fun there.

- If it gets cold, we can go downstairs. Let's take these seats before somebody else does.

- No sooner said than done. Here we are seated comfortably. The breeze is wonderful. The trip takes three hours.

- Where are we going?

- To Greenwich. We arrive at one o'clock.

- At what time does the boat leave Greenwich on return trip?

- At half past four. That gives us three and a half hours to spend there.

- Does the boat go back the same way?

- Yes, it does. We should arrive back at Westminster about eight o'clock.

- We never go to bed before eleven o'clock, so it won't be too late for us.

- There goes the whistle. We are off on a pleasant trip.

- The trip is delightful. I am sorry. I didn't know of the trip yesterday. Otherwise. I would have prepared some delicious sandwiches to take along.

- It doesn't matter. The food served on the boat is wholesome and the prices are reasonable.

- Really? What a pleasant surprise!