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  Rambler's Top100

Where are you from?


Mary: Where are you from, Peter?

Peter: From Kazan. What about you Mary?

Mary: I'm from Izhevsk, the capital of Udmurtia.

Peter: Oh, I do remember now. I heard you sing a song about Izhevsk and the Urals at the concert. You are very fond of your native town, aren't you?

Mary: Yes, I am. I adore it. I am always dreaming about going back to my native lands. Very

often I am home-sick.

Peter: When did you visit your parents last?

Mary: A year ago. But I keep up a regular correspondence with them. Mother and Fother are missing me terribly, so am I.

Peter: I would like you to tell me something about Izhevsk.

Mary: With pleasure, but not at this moment. Now I am in a hurry. Tonight I'm going to Helen's birthday party.

Peter: Well, I send her my best regards and wish her many happy returns of the day. Hope to see you tomorrow.

Mary: So long, Peter. Drop in tomorrow evening if you have time.


Universities (What do you do?)


Jane: What do you do. Mark?

Mark: I'm a student but I'm working with Tim for the summer.

Jane: You won't be here for long. will you?

Mark: I'll only be here until the end of August and then I'll go home.

Jane: You won't have a holiday, will you ?

Mark: Oh. yes. I'll have three weeks' holiday in Wales. I'm going to the Welsh mountains.

Jane: And then?

Mark: Then I'll go to Coventry.

Jane: Why will you go there?

Mark: To study at the University of Warwick.

Jane: Oh, I'll be very near there.

Mark: Where will you be?

Jane: I'll be at Birmingham University. What are you going to study?

Mark: Economics. I hope to work tor an advertising agency one day. And what about you? Will it be your first year?

Jane: Yes. I'm doing modem languages. I don't know what I want to be. I think I'd like to be a teacher.


At the Supermarket


Mike: It's a wonderful shop!

Bob: It is. I always do shopping here. Here is the shopping list. Let's go to the meat counter.

Mike: What shall we buy?

Bob: We want some beef and a chicken. You know I can't do without meat.

Mike: I'm fond of dairy products.

Bob: Look! The chicken is splendid and the beef is of superior quality. Now let's go for dairy products.

Mike: All right. Here are the eggs, unsalted butter, sour milk. sour cream and bottled milk.

Bob: What's next on the shopping list?

Mike: I think juice. Let's buy apple juice.

Bob: It makes no difference for me.

Mike: Here it is. The lemons and oranges look fine. Let's have some.

Bob: Okay. Our cart is full up. Let's go to the cash register.


At the Department Store (4 small dialogues)


Shop-assistant: What can I do for you?

Sergei: I'd like to buy a sweater.

Shop-assistant: What size do you want?

Sergei: Fifty-two. Dark colours, please: black or brown.

Shop-assistant: Try on this. It's of pure wool.



Mary: I'd like to buy an everyday dress.

Shop-assistant: We've got fashionable ones. Try on this one.

Mary: It's a bit tight.

Shop-assistant: Oh, no. It's modem silhouette.

Mary: I'm afraid it's too expensive for me.

Shop-assistant: This model is all the fashion now.

Mary: Well, I'll think it over.



Mother to her son: Nick, take the money and the shopping-bag and go to the baker's.

Nick: What shall I buy, mum?

Mother: A loaf of brown bread, a long loaf of white, two buns and biscuits for tea.

Nick: Anything else?

Mother: Let me see. On your way back drop in to the dairy shop and buy a bottle of milk, half a kilo of hard cheese and kilo of curds or cottage cheese.

Nick: All right, mum. I am off.



Aunt Vera to her niece Kate: Kate. it's time to go shopping. Don't forget the money and the shopping-bag.

Kate: What shall I buy. auntie?

Aunt Vera: Go to the butcher's for some steak and a chicken. On your way back drop in to the grocer's and get a packet of flour.

Kate: Very well. I'm ready.




- You are fond of art. aren't you?

- Yes. I am. I am not very good at painting but I try to go to every art exhibition. Besides, I've read a lot about Russian painters.

- Do you collect books on painting?

- I wouldn't say so. I've several books on art, but in general I borrow books from our libraries. Are you fond of art?

- Yes. I am. Besides, I like music, or to be more exact classical music.

- Who is your favourite composer?

- I like Chaikovsky, Rakhmanlnov. Mussorgsky...

- I appreciate your taste. Modest Mussorgsky depicted the most tragic events of Russian history in his operas. Take his opera "Boris Godunov"...

- I have heard "Boris Godunov" three times. I must admit I enjoyed every minute of it.

- Don't you think that Mussorgsky and Andrey Tarkovsky have very much in common?

- Do you want to say that Tarkovsky's films and Mussorgsky's operas have much in common?

- That's exactly what I mean. Their talents match. Do you agree with me?

- I have never thought about it. Andrey Tarkovsky was really a very gifted person. It is a pity that his life was very short. Have you seen his films?

- Yes. I have seen all his films. They give much food for thought.

- I believe that each of his films should be seen several times.

- I agree with you here. The more you see such films the better you understand them.

- Andrey Tarkovsky wanted to stage his own production of "Boris Godunov". Do you know that?

- Really?

- I am happy to inform you that his dream has been realised.